What is Designpedia?

Designpedia is the go-to renovation platform that that makes it easier to find reputable interior design companies in Hong Kong


  • Browse the reviews and portfolios of interior design companies in Hong Kong in one go to expedite your research and save time.
  • Find reputable interior design companies on Designpedia. Before being included on Designpedia, every company is screened and continually evaluated.
  • Enjoy perks and deals under the free Designpedia Trust Programme


Simply contact the company of your choice directly, or fill out a brief form to receive a list of suggested interior design firms that are suitable to your needs in terms of design requirements and budget:https://www.designpedia.com.hk/get-free-quotation/

Is Designpedia an interior design firm?

Designpedia does not perform renovation work and is not an interior design company. We are a platform for home renovation that enables people to find interior designers, learn more about renovating, and get inspired by local home ideas.


If you’d like us to recommend some qualified interior designers for your renovation, submit a simple form here:https://www.designpedia.com.hk/get-free-quotation/

How can Designpedia help with my renovation?


  • Get ideas by thousands of home projects in Hong Kong and filter them by budget, design style and more
  • Read useful articles on renovation do’s and don’ts, budgeting for your renovation and home products



  • Read through verified reviews by thousands of homeowners on our site
  • Want an expert to shortlist the right firm for you? Submit a simple form here and we will recommend up to five interior design firms that fit your renovation requirements
Is Designpedia reliable?

Of course! As homeowners ourselves, we take pride in creating a transparent and reliable platform that makes the renovation process easier for homeowners.


Together with screening and ongoing monitoring of all interior design companies on board, we invite actual homeowners to share reviews of their positive or negative renovation experiences.


We have also introduced the Designpedia Guarantee to protect your renovation deposits in the (rare) event that your preferred firm is insolvent to give you even more peace of mind that your renovation is in good hands.

Are the interior firms on Designpedia reliable?

Yes. All interior design companies on Designpedia go through a strict screening process, which may include, but is not limited to, examining the firm’s registration information, getting to know the firm’s operations, and more. Only if they are a good fit for Designpedia will they be listed.


We continually check the reliability of the companies onboarded on Designpedia against verified reviews. Businesses with less than 3.5 stars out of 5 won’t be suggested. Ratings are available on Designpedia firm profiles.

Are appliances and furniture included in the renovation costs?

Unless specifically noted in the ‘Works Included’ tab of each project, the majority of them do not.

How do I edit or verify my review?

After a review is published, the homeowner has 14 days to modify it. You may access your reviews by clicking “Review” in the dropdown menu for your profile or by clicking the link in your email. If you want to edit your review after the 14-day window has passed and you are not about to edit, email hello@designpedia.com.hk for assistance.


Simply upload your contract to get your review verified, and our team will do it within 14 days upon receiving your contract.

How do I delete my Designpedia account?

You may ask us to delete or remove your account and related personal data by sending an email to hello@designpedia.com.hk.

What type of review may be flagged for extra checks?

Reviews that violate our posting policies, such as those that contain offensive language, vulgarity, or comments on other reviews. Random checks are also performed on verified reviews. See our review regulation policy guidelines for more information.

What is the Designpedia Guarantee?

We at Designpedia only recommend interior designers who are reputable and trustworthy. The Designpedia Guarantee is our way of demonstrating that we stand by our carefully chosen list of interior designers. This free program covers your renovation deposits in the event that the interior firm you hired through Designpedia becomes insolvent. The Designpedia Guarantee will pay up to HK$300,000, or 50% of your contract value, whichever is less. After seven days of signing the contract, prospective homeowners must email us their signed copy (in PDF format only) in order to get this free perk.

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