The Designpedia Guarantee

Renovate with peace of mind.

A free service that safeguards your renovation deposits, the Guarantee covers 50% of your contract value, up to HKD$300,000, in the case that the recommended Contracting Service Provider becomes insolvent.

How to opt in


Connect with service providers through Designpedia.


Ensure the service provider you engaged fulfills the criteria.


Submit a PDF copy of your signed quotation within 7 days of signing. You will be notified via an email on the approval status.

The Designpedia Guarantee is only applicable for homeowners who engage an eligible service provider through our quote request feature , our direct enquiry feature or our events. Homeowners who contact an ineligible service provider on Designpedia, or have approached the service provider directly out of Designpedia will not be qualified. Once you have signed the quotation with the eligible service provider, you will have to opt in for this free service within 7 days from the date of your signed quotation. You may also be eligible for the Extended Warranty coverage of up to 12 months, if your chosen service provider has opted in for this scheme.

The approval process could take up to a week. During this time, we may contact you for verification. You will receive an email notifiying you of the approval status.

Please note that if you have a variation order or revised quotation, you will have to submit a signed copy of the new document within 7 days of the signing date, under the initial applicant’s name. Otherwise, the Guarantee payout will be based on the sum indicated on the initial quotation that was received.

How much can I claim?
Assuming all criteria for a claim are met:
Homeowner A

Contract value: HKD$1,000,000

Deposit: HKD$300,000

No work was done, purely because the Contracting Service Provider defaulted.

Homeowner can claim up to HKD$300,000

Homeowner B

Contract value: HKD$500,000

Deposit: HKD$300,000

No work was done, purely because the Contracting Service Provider defaulted.

Homeowner can claim up to HKD$250,000

Homeowner C

Contract value: HKD$1,000,000

Deposit: HKD$300,000

After investigation, it was determined that only HKD$200,000 worth of work was done.

Homeowner can claim up to HKD$100,000

What is not covered?

  1. The Contracting Service Provider was not recommended by Designpedia
  2. Termination or breach of Contract initiated by a homeowner
  3. Homeowner’s refusal to accept services of Contracting Service Provider’s appointed agents or independent contractors
  4. Post-renovation rectifications and warranties issued by the Contracting Service Provider

Designpedia will make a maximum of four payouts, up to HKD$300,000 in aggregate, per year.

How long is the Designpedia Guarantee valid for?

The Designpedia Guarantee is valid for 270 days from the signed date of the first quotation, or once your renovation has been paid in full. The signed date of the variation order (if any) will not be taken into consideration. Any ongoing dispute or claim should be raised in writing before the lapsed period.

When does the Designpedia Guarantee start?

The Designpedia Guarantee is applicable only for recommendations made by Designpedia starting from March 1, 2023.

What should I do before I make a claim?

Contact the Contracting Service Provider’s managers to notify them of your complaint and try to resolve it with them directly. Most of the time, they can resolve the issue by assigning a replacement Contracting Service Provider.

However, if the Contracting Service Provider is a sole proprietorship, and you’re unable to come to a resolution, read through the Designpedia Guarantee Terms and Conditions to see if you are covered.

If eligible, compile as much evidence as possible to submit with your claim. You’ll need some identification details of both yourself and the Contracting Service Provider, along with evidence for your claim.

How do I submit my claim?

Email to with the relevant documents attached. All claims are subject to Designpedia Guarantee Terms and Conditions.

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