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Shine Interior Design, Unit F, 24F, 9-23 Shell Street, Seabright Plaza, Fortress Hill


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Reviewed by Yee・Submitted 9 Mar 2019・ Project completed Jan 2019・Designer Dicky, Keith
整體合作過程很愉快,設計師Dicky及科文同事Keith很耐心地解決我們的問題,更加不厭其煩地幫我們更改設計。他們的工程師傅都很友善,很細心,工作都很用心。 我們對裝修一無所知的情況底下,找了很多設計公司,當我找到Shine的時候,覺得他們很用心,很細心,很多細節上的項目都跟我們解釋得很清楚,所以我決定用他們公司。一開始與他們商量擺位上事宜都很順利,他們在此都給予很多意見。到設計風格上,舉棋不定的我們當然亦三心兩意,不知做什麼風格好,分不清風格的特點在於什麼。幸好有Shine為我們指點,不斷為我們提出意見,明確給了方向,最後經過更改了好幾次,終於決定了。用料上都大部分用了我喜歡的雲石設計,把我喜歡的元素都放入屋子裡。我最為喜歡的是主人房的廁所,由無變有。當初還擔心會下榻的問題,結果Shine團隊居然想到用大廈玻璃來支撐,真心佩服他們的想法。電器,潔具,面料等等所有東西都不用我們自己親自煩心,Shine都幫我安排好!!! 總而言之,他們的服務是無微不至,更是服務一流,有機會我一定會再找他們幫我設計修工程,及會介紹給我身邊的朋友!!!!
Vertified Review
Reviewed by Joey Chu・Submitted 19 Jan 2019・ Project completed Jan 2019・Designer Dicky Keith Eva
交貨準時 師傅企理 訂做傢私品質很好
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About Shine Interior Design

經過多年發展,在室內設計已取得良好的口碑,我們的團隊擁有豐富設計經驗、超卓的手工,嚴謹施工及細心聆聽客戶需要,提供一站式室內設計服務。 我們以客戶的要求為本,透過不斷與客戶溝通及了解,以創意構思、專業規劃,讓設計除了講究品味外,並符合生活化,承諾工程會在預算費用範圍及時間內完成,將客人的想法變成事實,為您締造和諧舒適的居住環境,一直以來深得各客戶信賴及支持。 本公司以擁有屋宇署註冊小型工程承建商 及 強制驗窗計劃合資格承建商。

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in Him’s Interior Design
in Him’s interior design was established in March 2010. We are a service oriented company offering professional ideas for interior decoration. We also provide a full range of service varying from space planning, conceptual design, site supervision and coordination with project management. Our interiors showcase signature designs that are understated yet sophisticated, straightforward, elegant and functional. Balance, light, space and color factor into every design, creating a timeless effect. Clean lines and simple but well-crafted furnishings, with an attention to texture and the highest quality materials are essentials to our designs. Our studio maintains a strong and experienced team. We has shaped projects of many kinds and in many contexts. Our design service can be customized to suit the circumstances and the location. We believe in the rapid output of ideas, and involving the client in a design process with real dialogue. Model-making and master sketching works hand in hand with expert 3-D development and visualization. We believe spaces should be maximized but not constrained. We are explore new possibilities but not limited by what’s in store. Come visit us and let us help you to build your dream spaces. Samuel C.H. LAM Professional member of Hong Kong Interior Design Association Member of Hong Kong Designers Association (Discipline: Interiors) Awards: 2020-2021 Architecture Masterprize - HONORABLE MENTION (Project: The Decade) 2020-2021 A&D TROPHY AWARDS/ Interior Design/ Best Residential/ Single Home/ Bronze 2020-2021 Outstanding Property Award London - HONOURABLE MENTION 2020-2021 Novum design award/Interior Design Categorty/ Silver 2020-2021 Build Design Award - HONORABLE MENTION 2020-2021 iF Design Award - FINAL ROUND 2020-2021 Build Design Award - HONORABLE MENTION (Project: The Coronation) 2020-2021 Outstanding Property Award London - WINNER 2020-2021 International Design Award - HONORABLE MENTION 2020-2021 A&D TROPHY AWARDS/ Interior Design (Professional)/Best Residential/ Housing/ Shortlist 2018-2019 China 40Under40 Interior Design (Hong Kong) 2013-2014 年度室內設計十大新銳人物 2013-2014 年度國際環藝創新設計作品大賽 華月山 2012-2013 年度十大最具創新設計機構(住宅空間類) 2012-2013 年度室內設計百強人物

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