Po Chi Yum (商業)

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Area Size
1000 sq. ft.
Industrial, Vintage
Year of Completion
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About 5 Dimensions Studio Limited

The founding ethos of 5 Dimensions Studio is akin to its namesake, the 5th dimension. Envisioning design as a subject beyond the traditional four dimensions and material objects, 5DS believes that true design transcends time and space, and is something that should fit into any fragment of any hierarchical space of dimension.

5DS is rooted in three key concepts of design - drawing roots from the reminiscence of mankind in the past, finding purpose in the fulfilment of the present, and always in pursuit of becoming future-proof. These three different conceptual planes are intertwined, taking its form in the creation of space, life and design to seamlessly integrate into the idea of human-centric blueprints.

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This firm has a minimum budget requirement of HKD300000000.

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