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Create storage and display space effortlessly! 5 wooden furniture design tips.

16 Nov 2023


Interior Designer︰am PLUS Designs Limited

Wooden furniture, with its natural charm, brings a warm and harmonious feel to the home. It is easy to match with various styles and remains a timeless choice for home decor. In densely populated Hong Kong, where space is limited, versatile wooden materials are highly sought after for creating storage and display spaces. In this edition, Designpedia presents five demonstrations of wooden craftsmanship in home design and provides tips on incorporating these designs to make your home practical and infused with personal style.


1. Built-in Wooden Cabinets

家庫 Designpedia-Pearl-Gardens-明珠台

Large built-in wooden cabinets seamlessly blend into the home, providing a natural storage solution that exudes a sense of simplicity and warmth. By using a row of wooden doors in the same tone, the cabinet doors become an integral part of the overall design, complementing the wooden flooring and minimalist furniture with clean lines. This creates a serene Zen-style ambiance that helps declutter and hide away any mess or miscellaneous items.

Interior Designer︰ in Him’s Interior Design


2. Wooden Platform Design


A wooden platform is another popular method for creating space without compromising the overall design structure, making it ideal for narrow Hong Kong homes. In this home, light-colored wood grain is used for both the wooden panels and the platform, creating a fresh and serene atmosphere reminiscent of Japanese “muji” design. The quiet and peaceful ambiance effortlessly emerges from the space, adding a touch of tranquility to the surroundings.


Interior Designer︰am PLUS Designs Limited


3. Dark Wood Texture in Home Decor


In recent years, the Scandinavian minimalist style has popularized light-colored wood materials. However, dark wood grain can bring a different flavor to home decor – a sense of stability, vintage charm, and understated elegance. By incorporating darker tones, a rugged and distinct wood grain dining table adds depth to the overall design.


Interior Designer︰am PLUS Designs Limited


4. Wooden Wall

家庫 Designpedia-Harbour-Green-君匯港

Not sure how to create a suitable feature wall? Consider using a wood design for this, as it provides a visually comfortable and natural feel. This works particularly well for TV walls or feature walls, as it helps enhance the overall home design . In this example, a wooden wall is paired with textured wood flooring, creating a rustic and countryside atmosphere that instantly relieves stress after a long day of work.

Interior Designer︰N’creative


5. Mixing up wood materials


While most of the designs mentioned above feature a single wood material tone, mixing different textures and types of wood can create a unique and rich effect. In this example, the home incorporates wood materials in the flooring, furniture, and large built-in cabinets, but with varying textures. From subtle light-colored wood grain to rough and uneven textures, different wood textures are utilized. Despite the different textures, the similar color tones prevent a jarring feel and instead add depth and dimension to the design, making it anything but monotonous.


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