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5 Small Living Room Design Principles

28 Sep 2023

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How to Maximize Space in a Limited Area? This is the challenges that many Hong Kong residents face when it comes to space. Although the living room is the center of the home, it often becomes small and narrow due to the need to accommodate other functional areas such as bedrooms and kitchens. In this article, Designpedia will share five design principles for small living rooms, allowing you to enjoy rest and entertainment without being limited by space.


1. Make Use of Transparent materials

A small living room may feel cramped, and you can’t change its actual size. So why not visually expand the space? Make use of transparent materials to create divisions for work areas or even rooms, maintaining privacy and independence while elongating and widening the visual area of the room. This approach can also increase family interaction.

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Furthermore, transparent dividers can also enhance translucency, creating a spacious and bright living room while reducing the feeling of confinement in a small space.

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2. Platform Design

When it comes to platform design, many people immediately think of the storage space under the bed in a bedroom. However, platform design can also be applied to the living room. By creating a separate resting area and organizing different parts of the space meticulously, you can not only achieve a well-planned layout but also create ample storage space. This design approach adds a sense of tranquility and beauty to the overall aesthetic.

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3. Compact Furniture

Given that the living room space is already limited, adding large furniture pieces would only make the area feel more cramped. Instead, consider opting for small and simple furniture items. You can also choose foldable tables or sofas that serve their practical purpose while maximizing space efficiency.

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With the emergence of “nano flats”, many interior designs are leaning towards the development of transformable furniture, which creatively combines practicality and functionality to present multi-purpose pieces. These furniture items not only provide storage solutions but also allow for the utilization of various functions, effectively saving space.。

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4. Expand vertically

Since floor space is limited, why not look upward? Make use of the wall space by installing wall cabinets. This allows you to expand storage without taking up additional floor space. It also provides an opportunity to display beautiful collectibles in the living room, adding vibrancy to your home.

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In recent years, there have been many developments of extremely compact living units with high ceilings. Homeowners can take advantage of the high ceilings by constructing a loft, which adds additional usable space to the floor area of the living room.

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5. Layered Color Schemes

Many people believe that using a single color tone is the safest approach for a small living room. However, incorporating feature walls and darker shades can actually create layers and depth within the space. To achieve a harmonious visual effect, you can select furniture and decorative elements in the same color scheme, ensuring a cohesive overall feel.

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