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Finding a Home for Your Clothes: 3 Wardrobes You’d Want to Have

1 Aug 2023

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Many people have experienced this scenario: they buy clothes on the street, instantly falling in love with their purchase, but when they get home, they realize it was an impulsive buy. From then on, these clothes end up in the back of the closet, taking over a significant portion of living space. “Decluttering” can be challenging for some individuals. Therefore, Designpedia has compiled storage tips and examples for wardrobes and closets to provide your clothes with a cozy home.


1. Built-in Wardrobe


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Interior Designer︰KOO interior design

Built-in wardrobes seamlessly blend with the wall, allowing for the most efficient utilization of space. They are particularly suitable for small living spaces where every inch counts. To increase storage space in a built-in wardrobe, consider incorporating adjustable shelves or compartments that can be moved according to your needs. However, it’s important to note that since the wardrobe is designed along the wall, it may be slightly inconvenient if you want to replace or change the wardrobe in the future.


2. Semi-transparent Wardrobe

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Many people prefer closed wardrobes when customizing their closets, where they have to open the doors to select clothes. However, wardrobes can serve not only as storage but also as display cabinets. Semi-transparent wardrobes are perfect for fashion enthusiasts who want to showcase their clothing collection. With a transparent design and proper lighting, you can proudly display your favorite garments, creating a unique focal point. The lower section of the wardrobe can incorporate drawers, allowing you to keep the clothes neatly organized and hidden from view when necessary.


3. Walk-in Closet


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If you have ample living space, you can utilize that space to create a walk-in closet. By using different types of partitions and drawers, you can store a large quantity of clothing. In addition to storing clothes, a walk-in closet can also serve as a space for applying makeup and getting dressed. When constructing a walk-in closet, it’s important to consider air circulation. Hong Kong’s climate is humid, and without proper ventilation, clothing and wood materials can easily develop mold. Therefore, careful consideration should be given to the choice of materials for the dressing room.


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