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5 Key Points about Home Design for Pets

4 Aug 2023

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When you have a pet at home, especially if you have a cat, it’s important to consider their needs in home design. After all, cats can be mischievous at times and may engage in destructive behavior. Therefore, apart from considering the cat’s habits and making appropriate space planning, it’s also necessary to pay attention to material selection for elements like flooring and walls to prevent extensive damage to the home. In this edition, Designpedia will show you five renovation considerations to keep in mind!


Consideration 1

Cats have a scratching habit, so it’s important to pay special attention to the materials used for flooring and walls. When it comes to flooring, choose materials that are resistant to scratching and avoid excessively smooth surfaces, as they can make it difficult for cats to walk. Additionally, avoid designs that intentionally feature textured surfaces, as they may attract cats to scratch on them.


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If you want easy cleaning while allowing your cat to move freely, it is recommended to consider durable flooring. However, this type of material is susceptible to moisture and can deform when exposed to water for extended periods. Additionally, cushioned cork flooring is also a good choice as it can reduce the impact when your cat lands on the floor.

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Consideration 2

If you have a cat at home, choosing furniture is not just a matter of color and style coordination. Cats are known for being active and shedding fur. Therefore, when selecting furniture, it is advisable to choose pieces that are floor-length and preferably without gaps between the furniture and the floor. Alternatively, furniture with higher legs can also make cleaning easier.

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Additionally, when choosing upholstery for sofas, it’s best to opt for durable and soft fabrics that are resistant to wear. Leather upholstery is also a good choice as it is easier to clean pet hair. If you prefer a vintage look, leather furniture with a distressed finish can be even better as it can camouflage various scratches.


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Consideration 3

Cats have small and agile bodies, which make them love to roam and jump around the house. If you want to create a cozy environment tailored to your cat, it’s important to provide them with enough private spaces. Additionally, you can customize their movement areas to allow them to explore different corners of the house to their heart’s content.

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Cats are naturally independent and require plenty of personal space. You can integrate the cat’s bed with furniture to provide them with a hidden space. Additionally, it’s advisable to place the feeding area in a less disturbed corner to ensure that the cat feels comfortable while eating. Furthermore, providing a quiet and undisturbed environment for their litter box is crucial. The litter box should be placed in a secluded area, avoiding locations near washing machines to prevent the cat from feeling stressed while using it.

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Consideration 4

Not only do humans love basking in the sun, but cats also adore sunlight. They will often seek out sunny spots to lounge in. If you have window sills in your home, they can be the perfect spot for your cat’s afternoon nap. Sunbathing also promotes good blood circulation in cats, resulting in healthier and shinier fur, contributing to their overall well-being.

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If unnecessary solid walls in the home are removed and replaced with glass doors or walls, it can create a bright and spacious environment. This not only provides a more comfortable setting for cats to play and enjoy themselves but also allows homeowners to easily observe their cats. Additionally, placing a few soft cushions in sunny areas will create the perfect spot for cats to indulge in sunbathing.


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Consideration 5

For busy urban dwellers, it’s common for cats to be left alone at home. Therefore, it’s important to pay extra attention to indoor safety to prevent accidents involving cats. Firstly, installing window screens is crucial, and it’s essential to check that windows are properly closed before leaving to avoid any unfortunate incidents. Cats love to climb and explore, and open-concept kitchens often pose hidden dangers. When cats roam around and jump in the kitchen, there’s a higher risk of them accidentally getting hit by electrical appliances or sharp objects, increasing the risk of injury. Therefore, it is advisable to have a door or glass partition in the kitchen area.


Interior Designer︰Stay Living

Keeping cats is a subject that requires careful consideration. To create a comfortable and happy home for cats, it is important to understand their behavior and thoroughly consider the issues that need attention in the household. This will provide both pets and owners with a better living experience and create a harmonious and warm space.


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