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Interior Design Color Matching | 10 Home Decor Inspirations in Different Shades

26 Jul 2023

家庫 Designpedia-Lido-Garden-麗都花園

Interior Designer︰Deco Farmer Studio

Did you know that colors determine our first impression of a space? When we enter a space, 70% of our visual impression is influenced by colors. Therefore, color combinations play a crucial role in changing and creating the style in interior design. When colors harmonize beautifully, they can make a room elegant and intriguing, creating a comfortable, refined, and cozy atmosphere in the home. Today, Designpedia takes you on a tour of 10 homes in different shades, providing inspiration for your own interior design.


Soft Pastel Colors

Compared to bold and vibrant dark color schemes, light pastel colors are more easily accepted. The fresh and non-overwhelming design with light colors can withstand the test of time and create a relaxed and bright atmosphere in the home.


Interior Designer︰B Squared Design

In light color scheme designs, the most challenging aspect is avoiding a sense of monotony or dullness. To address this, incorporating different textures of light-colored decorative materials and adjusting lighting can blend elements like white walls, marble flooring, and glass partitions together. This enhances the brightness of the space while adding complexity in design to the room, making it far from ordinary.

家庫 Designpedia-Village-Gardens-又一村

Interior Designer︰studioparti limited

“Lighting” is also an essential element in light color scheme designs. Bright lighting highlights the tones in the home and complements the decorative materials, emphasizing the texture of the design. Additionally, light color schemes can incorporate some dark-colored furniture for contrast. Dark marble and wooden furniture are excellent choices as they add texture and do not overpower the overall design, but instead enhance the home’s character.

家庫 Designpedia-MONTARA-日出康城

Interior Designer︰Page Interior Design

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Interior Designer:our interiors ltd

A large amount of white space follows the principle of “less is more.” By incorporating simple and natural wooden decorations and using cotton and linen furniture, the space establishes a warm and soft ambiance. There is no need for excessive design and decoration in the space. Instead, a comfortable and fresh light color scheme is created through warm beige and natural wood tones, resulting in a cozy and inviting home.

家庫 Designpedia-Taikoo-太古城

Interior Designer︰KOO interior design


Bold Dark Color Scheme

A home design in a bold dark color scheme exudes personality and offers a diverse range of color combinations that showcase a captivating and mysterious charm. In recent years, dark color schemes have gained popularity among an increasing number of people.

家庫 Designpedia-Kadoorie-Lookout-加多利峰

Interior Designer︰現時設計

If you’re concerned about managing a dark color scheme, you can start with incorporating it in “selected areas.” Paint a single accent wall in a dark color or use dark-colored furniture as decorative accents.


Interior Designer︰our interiors ltd

The TV feature wall in the living room is the perfect place to showcase personality. Consider using gray-black brick walls and pairing them with dark-colored wooden strips. The combination of these two materials creates a contrasting and sophisticated look, enhancing the overall design quality and giving the living room a unique and distinctive touch.


Interior Designer︰Stay Living

Certainly, we can also make bold attempts in inconspicuous areas. For example, we can introduce black color to the bottom part of the dining room island. A small area of black not only avoids a gloomy atmosphere but also adds a touch of modernity to the home design, enhancing its personality. Additionally, it can be paired with hardwood flooring to reduce the overall sense of heaviness in the design.


Interior Designer︰in Him’s Interior Design

Dark color schemes can create an incredible sense of comfort and tranquility. In particular, blue tones can evoke feelings of peace, calmness, and clarity, making them an ideal choice for bedroom color schemes. Deep blue with gray undertones can transform the bedroom into a serene and deeply soothing private space. Matching bedding in the same color scheme adds a touch of serenity while staying true to the theme of the room.


Interior Designer︰Stay Living


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